How Hard is Hard?

Everything in my life is hard now. Dealing with my daughters and grandsons is hard now. Dealing with fear-filled council members is hard now. Getting money for the Museum is hard now. Dealing with a loco “friend” is hard now. My blood pressure is out of control and I really need to chill out but I am surrounded. So what can I change? Absolutely nothing except myself. I really need to walk away from all tribal stuff. The council is failing, completely failing and taking the tribe with them. I have tried unsuccessfully to move things forward but….

Time for me to walk away. I love the Museum and all it could be. But my dream of it becoming the center of learning for my People will never be. At least not as long as those in charge continue to live in fear. Fear of what they never had being taken away. Fear of the empty blue chairs they preach to now becoming more empty. Even the Unity movement has become a race to get “stuff” before the Nipmuc Nation does. It’s all a competition and I no longer wish to compete.

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