Nipmuc Nation Family Lines

The Nipmuc Nation recently opened their tribal rolls to new members. Anyone with a direct family member already on the roll can submit an application for enrollment. It’s not much but after 10 years of refusing to add anyone other than new births, it is welcome news.

For those of you unaware of what Nipmuc family lines are eligible for enrollment, here is the list.
The Nipmuc family lines on the current tribal roll and their ancestral Nipmuc groups are:

Curliss/Vickers Non-Reservation/Pegan/Dudley
Dorous/Bates Wabaquasett
Jaha Dudley
Humphrey/Belden Dudley
Pegan/Wilson Dudley
Printer/Arnold Hassanamisco
Sprague/L.W. Henries Dudley
Silva Non-Reservation/Coffee/Anthony

2 thoughts on “Nipmuc Nation Family Lines

  1. CW.DunnI come from the ( Silas Lewis & Ruth E.Anthony )family line, I have read the ( 1861 ) Earl report,which listed Silas Lewis and number of family in his house hold. my question is, does this family meet your membership criteria?

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