Syrups & Elixirs & Tonics, part 1

Syrups, elixirs, and tonics are my favorite herbal preparations to make and gift. I also keep a few on hand for myself. This is how I define these three concoctions. Syrup – Made with herbs, water, and sugar (or honey) Elixir – Made with herbs, honey (or maple syrup), and alcohol Tonic – Made with herbs, honey, and vinegar. Making a Syrup There are endless … Continue reading Syrups & Elixirs & Tonics, part 1

Fall Foraging

I visited the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary a few times this past fall. Norcross exists on traditional Nipmuc homelands and, as a Nipmuc woman, I possess the ancient right to forage there. Our women’s group also visited one day to gather cranberries and cedar. During my visits, I gathered medicinal plants to be added to teas and salves. I also gathered cedar for ceremonial use. I … Continue reading Fall Foraging

Moskehtu (medicine)

I have been working on an field guide to herbal/plant medicine in Nipmuc Country (central MA, northwest RI, northeast CT). I put the book aside for a couple of years during covid since working at a hospital didn’t leave much free time or relaxed time to write. Why this Guide? Our Nipmuc ancestors used plants to maintain their health and bring balance into their lives. … Continue reading Moskehtu (medicine)

All About Nettle

Botanical Name Urtica dioica Common Name(s) Nettle, Common Nettle, Stinging Nettle Family Urticaceae (50 species) Native to Europe, Asia, Northern Africa, Western North America Geographical Distribution Everywhere Botanical Description Nettle is a flowering perennial that is both dioceious (separate male and female plants) and monoecious (both male and female flowers on the same plant) (Shannon 2006) (Ohio Perennial and Biennial Weed Guide). It grows nearly … Continue reading All About Nettle

The Used-to-Be Woods Across the Street.

Most folks that know me know that I’ve been mourning the loss of trees in the woods around my neighborhood for quite awhile. Lately, though I’ve seen evidence that when something is taken away, something else is given. Where trees once stood, fields of plants abound. Seeds that lay dormant in the soil for who knows how many decades have given birth to a huge … Continue reading The Used-to-Be Woods Across the Street.