Award-winning Canadian Author Claims that Dartmouth Indians are Really Nipmuc?

A hot topic among First Nations Peoples in Canada this month is the claim of a well-known Canadian writer that he is Indigenous and therefore eligible to represent Indigenous People and even to accept award money on behalf of his ‘Nativeness.’ Specifically, the author claims that he has “Nipmuc roots from Dartmouth, Massachusetts on my father’s side and Ojibwe roots … on my mother’s side.” While I … Continue reading Award-winning Canadian Author Claims that Dartmouth Indians are Really Nipmuc?

Our Cross Country Trip – in pieces – Prologue

We recently drove across the country and back. We drove because I don’t like to fly (air sickness). We live on the Atlantic coast and we drove to Pacific coast and back. 6000 miles of hoopla, tiredness, awesomeness, and fun. I’m going to relate out adventures here and on my other blog – For All My Relations -I’ll write about the African-American and Indigenous Peoples … Continue reading Our Cross Country Trip – in pieces – Prologue


The Chief of the Nipmuc Nation and Hassanamisco Band of Nipmuc Indians recently retired. Per our constutution (and historic precedence), the retiring chief submitted the names of three individuals whom he felt could be his successor.  The Elders of the Nipmuc Nation choose our next chief from among those names. Guess who? Me! At first I was resistant (please see my post from October 2012 … Continue reading Chieftress????

The Powers that Be

Folks are wondering what’s going on with this Nipmuk Unity thing. Well, some think that’s it’s a sinister plot to overthrow the current band governments and form something new. Certain Nipmuc Nation tribal council members even stated that the new “tribe” or band would be based within the Hassanamisco Indian Museum (’cause that’s how all indigenous tribes are formed – within museums). Others are fearful … Continue reading The Powers that Be

Hmmm…What shall I write about?

There is so much going on in Nipmuc country right now. I can’t decide what to write about. Things are moving forward with the Museum restoration, the Museum has a new Strategic Plan that hopefully the committee will vote to accept, we are starting a new Language Class at the tribal office, ….plus some other stuff. And I am only thinking of what’s happening within … Continue reading Hmmm…What shall I write about?