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Searching for African-American or Native American Ancestors?

Has Your Search Led You to New England?

PastTense Historic Research specializes in African-American and Native American histories and ancestries in New England. Our mission is to awaken the past through excellence in historical and genealogical research and writing for the education and enjoyment of all.

New England’s Communities of Color

Native Americans are the indigenous people of New England and lived in that region for thousands of years prior to colonization. African-Americans came with the European colonists, as early as 1624. Because of their second-class status, the interactions of Native and African-Americans weren’t always recorded in the same manner as their white contemporaries. 

Nevertheless, YOUR ancestors can be found in a multitude of colonial, town, tribal, church, state, federal and personal records, archives, libraries and depositories in all six New England states.

Workshops and Presentations
Nipmuc History

Using Colony & State Records to Trace Your Native Ancestors in New England

African and Native Americans in New England:
Changing, Merging Race and Identity 

“Records Relating to the Kansas Claims of New York Indians” and YOUR New England Ancestors.

Plus many more!
  • Research tools to assist in your ancestor search
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Titles include:

  • African-American Genealogy in New England
  • Native American Genealogy in New England
  • Tribal Enrollment, A How-to Guide
  • Researching Your Revolutionary War Veterans of Color
  • Researching Your Civil War Veterans of Color