The Used-to-Be Woods Across the Street.

Most folks that know me know that I’ve been mourning the loss of trees in the woods around my neighborhood for quite awhile.

Lately, though I’ve seen evidence that when something is taken away, something else is given. Where trees once stood, fields of plants abound. Seeds that lay dormant in the soil for who knows how many decades have given birth to a huge variety of flowers, herbs, and grasses.

I walk the dog in this used-to-be woods. Many of the plants now growing I don’t recognize. I keep forgetting the camera so I can take pictures and research those plants. I did find a bunch of mullein. The plants are much bigger than I’ve ever seen so I’m not 100% sure that they are mullein. But if so, then my mom and I wont have to make any more trips to the herb store this year.

Cattail grows in the wet areas. I hope to harvest loads this fall to use to cover the wetu on the rez. The USDA did plant some blueberry bushes and lots of non-indigenous shrubs and trees. There is a beautiful witch hazel shrub/tree that keeps calling my name. I guess we’ll have some tonic soon.

While I miss the coolness and beauty of the trees, I am appreciative of the life now in my midst. If only I’d thought to ask the USDA to plant some sweetgrass….


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