Syrups & Elixirs & Tonics, part 1

Syrups, elixirs, and tonics are my favorite herbal preparations to make and gift. I also keep a few on hand for myself. This is how I define these three concoctions. Syrup – Made with herbs, water, and sugar (or honey) Elixir – Made with herbs, honey (or maple syrup), and alcohol Tonic – Made with herbs, honey, and vinegar. Making a Syrup There are endless … Continue reading Syrups & Elixirs & Tonics, part 1

Fall Foraging

I visited the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary a few times this past fall. Norcross exists on traditional Nipmuc homelands and, as a Nipmuc woman, I possess the ancient right to forage there. Our women’s group also visited one day to gather cranberries and cedar. During my visits, I gathered medicinal plants to be added to teas and salves. I also gathered cedar for ceremonial use. I … Continue reading Fall Foraging

Moskehtu (medicine)

I have been working on an field guide to herbal/plant medicine in Nipmuc Country (central MA, northwest RI, northeast CT). I put the book aside for a couple of years during covid since working at a hospital didn’t leave much free time or relaxed time to write. Why this Guide? Our Nipmuc ancestors used plants to maintain their health and bring balance into their lives. … Continue reading Moskehtu (medicine)