Fall Foraging

I visited the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary a few times this past fall. Norcross exists on traditional Nipmuc homelands and, as a Nipmuc woman, I possess the ancient right to forage there. Our women’s group also visited one day to gather cranberries and cedar.

Can’t you just feel peace and well-being reaching out to you through this photo?

During my visits, I gathered medicinal plants to be added to teas and salves. I also gathered cedar for ceremonial use. I was especially interested in hawthorn berries (I have issues with high blood pressure.) I returned twice because the berries were not ripe enough.

We picked cranberries from a soggy bog with our Elders and children.

Cranberries poking through the leaves
Some Foraging Tips
  • Please don’t harvest more than 10% of a plant in an area.
  • Only take what you can use or process.
  • Use appropriate and practical tools like sharp cutters, trowel, digging fork, and gloves.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and insects.
  • Bring water and a compass.
  • Try to not forage alone.

And some casual photos of some plant friends –

And how magnificent is this view?

I hope to tarry for a spell in this magical place at least once each season.

Aquene, Cher

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