Caesar Toney Again

As a followup to yesterday’s post –  What is the relationship between John Hazeltine, Esquire and Caesar Toney? The deed states that Hazeltine is selling and gifting this land to Caesar “ in Consideration of the Love and good Will I do bear to Cesar Tony” Why would a white male in 1754 hold love and good will for a black male not apparently related? Was … Continue reading Caesar Toney Again

Caesar Toney

Caesar Toney is my 5th great-grandfather. He married Margaret (Peggy) Romsor of Worcester on 7 September 1756 in Upton, MA. Peggy and Caesar had two sons Caesar Jr. and Abraham. Caesar Jr. and Abraham married two Narragansett sisters, Susannah and Mary Harry. Caesar and Peggy and their family lived on their own farm in Upton, MA – a bit unusual for people of African descent … Continue reading Caesar Toney