Caesar Toney Again

As a followup to yesterday’s post – 

What is the relationship between John Hazeltine, Esquire and Caesar Toney?

The deed states that Hazeltine is selling and gifting this land to Caesar “ in Consideration of the Love and good Will I do bear to Cesar Tony”

Why would a white male in 1754 hold love and good will for a black male not apparently related? Was Caesar a former slave of Hazeltine’s? Or perhaps a child of Hazeltine? 

The deed goes on to state that of the twenty acres deeded to Caesar Toney, 14 of those acres were paid for and the remaining six were a gift from Hazeltine to Toney.

 “Containing Twenty acres fourteen acres of which I the said John Hazeltine sell to the said Cesar Tony for the sum of money above mentioned and the other six acres I the said  John Hazeltine do freely give and quitclaim to him the said Cesar Tony as aforesaid to Encourage him to be a good Husbandman”

Again, why is John Hazeltine gifting land to Caesar Toney?

The answer is perhaps in the town records of Upton, MA or Sutton, MA where Hazeltine resided in 1754. A little more than 50 years later, Toney’s sons (Abraham and Caesar Jr.) sell the Upton land and buy land in Royalston, MA where two of John Hazeltine’s sons reside.


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