Kokummus (grandmother)

My 3 eldest grandsons and I rode Amtrak trains back and forth across the United States for a month. We visited several cities and had great time. We’re back in Massachusetts and a bit tired now and a lot closer as a family.


Our first stop was Chicago –

Los Angeles

View from the train – Chicago to LA


San Francisco

View of the Western Edge of Turtle Island



We unexpectedly spent a couple of days in Atlanta when we missed a train connection. Trains and buses were full so we ended up renting a car and driving to DC.


We made some wonderful memories and I hope my grands will continue to explore this beautiful world that we live in.

Photos taken by Nathan Keevan and Cheryll Holley.

One thought on “Kokummus (grandmother)

  1. This is so awesome!!!! Traveling across the states is still on my list of things to do. So glad you were able to share that experience with them.

    Be well,

    Tracy 🪶

    Tracy M. Ramos, MPH

    The community doesn’t work unless it works for everyone.


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