Finally finishing old projects

I made this ribbon skirt some years ago for a women’s full moon ceremony. It was the first ribbon skirt that I sewed and it has a few flaws that are better covered up. So I made a light pink overlay so I could wear it with confidence.

I began this wall hanging more than 20 years ago. I found it wrapped in tissue in a box of forgotten things. My brother and his wife divorced years ago and are happy with their lives now. I finished the piece and offered it to their eldest son, but he did not want it. So its wrapped again in tissue and stored away for a descendant to one day find.

I’ve debated with myself for years on whether I should create more “traditional” regalia than what I have now. I purchased the skins a while back and finally sewed the skirt at least. I still have to decide on what pattern or objects to paint on the skirt and then paint it!

Taubotne for reading.

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