Milkweed Processing

Last month, with the help of many others, I extracted fibers from milkweed stalks to use in weaving projects. The stalks were harvested between late October and early January from various places, including my yard. One should wait until the stalks are black before harvesting. For some reason, the milkweed stalks in my yard didn’t blacken until January, when I finally cut them down. I … Continue reading Milkweed Processing

What is Rematriation?

In what is now called New England, some centuries ago, European invaders disrupted our relationship with our homelands. They removed us from our lands, prevented access to crucial medicines, and eliminated and polluted our water sources. No longer living in relationship with the land, we lost its teachings. The invaders also reorganized our social systems into replicas of their patriarchal system. Our people lost knowledge, … Continue reading What is Rematriation?