Notes on James Augustus Toney

Some notes on the life of my 2nd great-grandfather- his youngest son Edwin married Nellie Scott born 6 Aug 1834 in Waltham, MA – preferred name was Augustus died 6 Aug 1903 in Worcester at the Home Farm at age 69, paralysis and heart disease. Parents – Davenport Augustus Toney, born January 1803 in Athol/Royalston. died 17 May 1846 in Fitchburg and Mary M. (Carrol) … Continue reading Notes on James Augustus Toney

Jonathan Robert Storms

Jonathan Robert Storms was born in Vergennes, VT to Primus Storms, Jr and Anna Ayres around 1850. He was part of the third generation of land-owning Black farmers in Addison County, Vermont. His free grandfather and enslaved grandmother traveled from Fishkill, NY to Vermont in the late 1700s with Platt Rogers. Jonathan worked as a horse jockey until moving to Worcester with his wife, Orphia … Continue reading Jonathan Robert Storms

Orphia Mason Storms Aldrich

Orphia Mason was born on 30 June 1854 into a large upstate NY family. Her father Lafayette Mason was a Black landowner in Elizabethtown, NY. He acquired the land after serving in the Civil War. Orphia’s mother was Mary Wheeler. Three of the Mason sisters married free Black men in Vermont. Thirza Mason married Eugene Storms, Frances married Stephen Bates, and Orphia married Jonathan Robert … Continue reading Orphia Mason Storms Aldrich

Nellie Scott Toney

My great-grandmother, Nellie Louisa Scott Toney, died during my freshman year in college and I wish almost daily that I had asked her about her family. I loved and respected Grama Nellie, a woman who gave love to her family and always stood strong for them. Nellie Louisa Scott was born in Worcester, MA on 19 September 1887 to Hannah E. Scott of West Boylston, … Continue reading Nellie Scott Toney

Lewis Dominis

Lewis Dominis was born 5 July 1888 to Rebecca Dora Brooks and William Dominis. He graduated from the Worcester Public School system and went off to Boston to attend college. A gifted artist and musician, he graduated from the Massachusetts School of Art (now MassArt) and secured a position as Supervisor of Art in the Massachusetts school system. A job offer from Clark Atlanta University … Continue reading Lewis Dominis

Corrine Bostic

Corrine Eva Chase was born on 28 March 1927 in Providence, RI. She was the daughter of Milton Garrison Chase and Corrinthea Johnson. She moved to Worcester and married Walter A. Bostic in 1953. Corrine was a graduate of Clark University and was an educator, writer and poet. She co-founded the Worcester County Poetry Association in 1971 serving on it’s board until her death in … Continue reading Corrine Bostic

Kenneth Anderson

Kenneth Augustus Anderson, was born on 2 March 1899 in Worcester. He was the son of Bettie Sawyer from Beaufort, NC and Joseph Edward Anderson of Worcester. He married Mary F. Schuyler in Worcester, MA in 1919. Mary was the daughter of Rose Bates of Vergennes, VT and Raymond Schuyler from NY. Rose was the daughter of Frances Mason and Stephen Bates. The Schuylers left … Continue reading Kenneth Anderson