“We All Got History”

From the collection of the Worcester Historical Museum

As the image above states, Amos Webber was born a free Black man in 1826 Attleborough, PA. His parents were Samuel Webber and Fannie Johnson. In the 1852, he married Elizabeth Douglas. Around the same time, he began keeping a series of diaries which he called Thermometer books. Each day he recorded the temperature and other weather conditions in the books. He also commented on his day and the ever-evolving social conditions of the time period. Before the civil war, Amos moved his family to Worcester where he worked for Washburn & Moen Manufacturing. He continued to record daily events in his books. He enlisted in the northern army during the civil war in December of 1863. He survived the war and returned to Worcester where he was an active and vital part of Worcester’s Black community. He was a member of Black chapters of both the Odd Fellows and the Masons. He helped settle newcomers to Worcester and organized events to promote equality and safety for Black citizens everywhere.

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