Orphia Mason Storms Aldrich

A page from the Mason Family Bible

Orphia Mason was born on 30 June 1854 into a large upstate NY family. Her father Lafayette Mason was a Black landowner in Elizabethtown, NY. He acquired the land after serving in the Civil War. Orphia’s mother was Mary Wheeler. Three of the Mason sisters married free Black men in Vermont. Thirza Mason married Eugene Storms, Frances married Stephen Bates, and Orphia married Jonathan Robert Storms on 7 February 1871 in Vergennes, VT.

The Storms moved to Worcester between 1871 and 1874. Daughter Harriet (or Hattie) was born in Vergennes in 1871 and daughter Margaret was born in Worcester in 1874. Margaret died before she was two years old and Orphia and Jonathan were separated by 1880.

Orphia worked as a cook in both Worcester and Boston and headed her own household until her marriage to Joshua Aldrich on 21 Jan 1892. The couple married in Vergennes where Joshua lived and returned to Worcester where they owned real estate on John St. The couple lived at 42 John St.

Orphia Mason Storms Aldrich Will

Orphia died 27 September 1899 leaving her home and personal property to her husband and surviving child, Hattie Storms Bostic. She and Hattie share a grave site in Hope Cemetery in Worcester.

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  1. Larry Schuyler here, I read your history on Kenneth Anderson and Mary Schuyler. Her father was not Richard Schuyler but Raymond Schuyler from New York. Raymond and Rose were married in Vergennes Vermont August of 1893 at St. Pauls Episcopal Church. Richard was my dad who was born in the year 1913. After reading your info here I would love to chat further as I see family connections that are finally confirmed.

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