Corrine Bostic

Corrine Bostic – family photo

Corrine Eva Chase was born on 28 March 1927 in Providence, RI. She was the daughter of Milton Garrison Chase and Corrinthea Johnson. She moved to Worcester and married Walter A. Bostic in 1953. Corrine was a graduate of Clark University and was an educator, writer and poet.

She co-founded the Worcester County Poetry Association in 1971 serving on it’s board until her death in 1981. She was the author of several plays, stories, books, and poems. Her published works include a volume of poetry entitled “Requiem for Bluesville” and “Go Onward and Upward” a biography of Sarah Ella Wilson, one of Worcester’s first Black schoolteachers. She taught in poetry and writing in both public and private school systems, led poetry readings and workshops, and lectured throughout the region.

Corrine and her husband, Walter Bostic

Corrine was active in the Civil Rights movement and in the affairs on the Hassanamisco Nipmuc community. She worked with Massachusetts Indigenous leaders to form the MA Commission on Indian Affairs and represented the Commission on the Citizen’s Advisory Board to the Department of Social Services (DSS now called DCF).

Corrine left a legacy of love for the written and spoken word, of standing up for equality and freedom for all humans, and of devotion to family and community.

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