Hattie McKinley Anderson and family

Some photographic images recently surfaced of African-Americans living in Worcester, MA in 1900. Two of those photos are labelled ‘Kenneth Anderson’ and ‘Mrs. Anderson and baby’. Kenneth was my great-grandmother Hattie’s younger brother and Mrs. Anderson was Hattie’s mom.

Here’s a quick genealogical sketch of my great-grandmother, Harriet McKinley Anderson Bostic.
Hattie Bostic with a neighbor child and two grandsons.

Hattie McKinley Anderson was born at Worcester, Massachusetts on 4 November 1896. Her parents were Joseph Edward Anderson (also known as J. Edward Anderson) and Bettie A. Sawyer. She married Walter Andrew Louis Bostic on 25 December 1918 at Worcester. Walter was the son of Walter St. Clair Bostic and Hattie E. Storms and was born on 30 October 1891 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Walter died on 27 October 1957 in Worcester. Hattie passed away on 19 February 1966. The couple had three children including my grandfather, Walter Andrew Bostic.

Hattie’s brother, Kenneth Augustus Anderson, was born on 2 March 1899 in Worcester. He married Mary F. Schuyler in Worcester, MA in 1919. Mary and Kenneth had at least 3 children and lived until at least 1940 with Mary’s father, Richard Schuyler.

Bettie Sawyer was born about 1872, most likely in Beaufort, North Carolina to Isaac and Tamer (Bell) Sawyer. She married J. Edward Anderson on 30 April 1891 in Worcester. Tamer was also born in North Carolina about 1844 to Charles Bell and Maria Howard. I have little information on Isaac Sawyer. He was born about 1843 in North Carolina and was deceased by 1900 when his wife, Tamer, was living in the Anderson household.

Joseph Edward Anderson was born in June of 1871 in Worcester. His parents were Joseph A. Anderson and Margaret Gibson. Joseph A. Anderson was born about 1844 in Virginia to William and Julia. He married Maggie (Margaret Gibson) on 29 October 1868 in Worcester. Maggie was born about 1847 in Scotland to John and Sarah Gibson.

I haven’t done much research on my Anderson line – it is on my ‘To-Do’ list though!


One thought on “Hattie McKinley Anderson and family

  1. Wow, Cheryll: I’m learning a lot about our family, thanks to you and your brilliant research. I used to spend parts of my summers with Grandma Anderson to give Grandma Bostic a break from caring and running after me during the school year. She lived on Orchard Street back then, just a 5 minutes’ walk from our home at 6 Newport Street.


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