Abraham Toney

Abraham Toney was the eldest son of Margaret (Peggy) Romsor and Caesar Toney. He was born in February of 1762 on his parent’s farm in Upton, MA. He married Mary Harry from the Narragansett tribe on 12 Oct 1787. Only 4 years later, he married Hannah Chase in Upton. Abraham had at least two children – Susan and Alfred. Abraham’s father died between 1790 and 1794 when his estate was settled. Abraham, his mother Peggy, and his brother, Caesar Jr. sold their Upton farm and moved slowly to Royalston, MA where they purchased land to settle on. It took nearly 10 years for the brothers to settle in Royalston. Records show their children being born in route in Boylston, Barre, Petersham, and Athol.

In 1837, Abraham wrote a letter from Royalston in support of Susanna Hussey’s pension application. Below is the transcription.

“I, Abraham Toney of Royalston in Worcester County, Massachusetts, aged seventy six years, testify that before and during the Revolutionary War, I resided in the town of Upton in Worcester County. I was acquainted with James Hussey before and during the war while he resided in Upton. I was also acquainted with Susanna Toby previous to her marriage with James Hussey. They married in the winter of 1776 after which James enlisted into the United States service. James was absent most of the time during the war leaving his wife in Upton. After the war’s end, James returned to Upton and lived there with Susanna. After not many years, they moved to the town of Northbridge, MA. I was at the wedding of James & Susanna in Upton. I think the Justice’s name who married them was Dean. I have never heard of the death of Susanna.”

Abraham and his wife Hannah moved to Worcester where Hannah dies of old age in April 1845. Abraham followed close behind, himself dying at age 83 in December 1845.

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