The Women Before Me

I thank Heather Rojo from Nutfield Genealogy for her post on how she organizes her Surname Saturday posts. I’m going to work on the maiden names of women in my ancestry beginning with my maternal line. Those names include:
Ransom, Slocum, Dailey, Curless, Vickers, Williams, Scott, Harry, Foster, Money, Henry, Quow, Jackson, Willett, Romsor, Pegan, Pollock, Brown, Toney, and Hazzard.

And, yes, I know these names all lead to males (fathers) in my line. But I’d still like to honor the women in my ancestry. And some of the names wont go any further than describing the ancestress bearing that last name.

The maiden names in my paternal line include:
Kent, White, Pierce, Brown, Steemer, Sprague, Ayres, Vickers, Wheeler, Dorus, Mason,                   Pegan, Gibson, Nedson, Hazard, Coffee, Sampson, Storms, Sawyer, Cormier, Arkless,                         Anderson, Henries, and Morse.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me.

Patricia Toney Hazzard 1918-1969


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