Nipmuc Angenettes

Angenette is a popular name in my family; I have a sister Angenette and another sister whose middle name is Angenette (don’t ask!).

The first Angenette in my family was born Angenette Briggs White in 1829 Webster, MA. She was a member of the Pegan Band of Nipmuc Indians and the daughter of Betsey Pegan Caesar and step-daughter of Henry White. She married twice – to Esbon B. Dorous on 13 March 1844 in Sturbridge, MA and to Samuel Hazard on 19 November 1867 in Woodstock, CT.

Esbon Dorous – sometimes called Solomon- was born about 1811 and the son of John Nedson and Polly Pegan. He and Angenette separated sometime after 1865. The censuses for 1870 and 1880 show his children and grandchildren living with him, but no new wife. He died sometime before 1897.

Samuel Hazard was born about 1815 and the son of Sampson Hazard and Hannah Coffee. Census records give his occupation as “physician” and “shoemaker”. The History of Woodstock, CT describes Samuel as the “Indian Doctor Hazard”. Samuel died on 3 August 1883 in Woodstock, CT. His children with Angenette include Jack A. Hazzard and Joseph T. Hazzard.

Esbon and Angenette’s daughter, Elizabeth (Betsey) Dorous, married Henry Albert Arkless on 7 September 1870 in Worcester, MA. Henry was born in June of 1850 in Uxbridge, MA to Isaac/Israel P. Arkless and Polly Vickers. Polly Vickers was born about 1827 in Hampton, CT and the daughter of Samuel Vickers and Eliza Hazard.

One of Henry and Betsey’s daughters was named Angenette. Angenette B. Arkless was born on 5 August 1873 in Webster, MA. She married first Luke Goins/Noyes around 1897. Lemuel Winifred Henries married Angenette Goins about 1901. They had several children including my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Rogers Henries. My great-great grandmother Angenette married once again in 1913 – this time to Lewis Jackson.

Lemuel Winifred Henries was born in April of 1869 to Lemuel Henry and Lydia A. Sprague. Before marrying Angenette, he had married Ida L. Lewis on 25 November 1891 in Webster, MA. Known as Winifred, he died on 19 May 1912 in Webster, MA.

Elizabeth Rogers Henries was born on 4 May 1902 in Woodstock, CT. She married Charles Emerson Morse on 3 October 1918 in Wayland, MA. They had several children among whom was my grandmother, Angenette Irene Morse.

My Nipmuc Angenettes are:

Angenette Briggs White (1829 – 11 January 1897)
Angenette B. Arkless (5 August 1872 – 28 October 1942)
Angenette Irene Morse (7 February 1924 – 25 May 2005)

Plus my two sisters….

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Nipmuc Angenettes

    1. Angenette is also my mom’s middle name. Auntie Angie’s sister Lucille (Billie) Walley’s daughter Lucille Angenette (Susie). 🙂

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