Shelve the Haters

last week, someone told me to put a particularly troublesome person on a shelf and to not give any of my energy to that person again. and I fully intend to do that – after I write this.

there are those who think that being a council member gives you the right to be not only respected but worshipped by the people. that’s not true. respect is earned, a true leader doesn’t sit around expecting people to admire them. a true leader works their ass off for the people without any expectation of a reward. a true leader puts the needs of the people first, not their own arrogant egos.

there is a council member that I do not get along with. and I mean that we do not agree on anything. however, I cannot deny that he is a leader to our people. he gives of his own time and money to keep our office open and usable. when a request is made of him, he grants it. the things he does are not always to my liking but then he doesn’t exist to please me. would I go to lunch with him? no- not likely. but I cant deny that he has the best interests of our people at heart.

regarding a different council member, should respect be given to council members who do not contribute positively to the people? who listen to and support those who would do the people harm? who brag about what they’ve have done elsewhere but can’t assist their own? who tear down what others do simply because they don’t like who is doing it?

for those who serve, such behavior is tiresome to say the least. but I doubt it will stop those who truly care from moving forward or from continuing to assist whenever possible.

that council member that I don’t get along with? part of our problem is that we don’t trust each other and because of that we will never see the other’s path. and in general, people don’t support what they can’t see. so I wont support what he does and he wont support me. and the people lose out.

so now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I will put the energy-sucking council member on the shelf and maybe think about asking the other council member to coffee (well – I already said lunch was out!)

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