Veterans Day

The day before yesterday I lied. I wrote that my next post would be about my 6th great-grandmother, Molly Pegan. I changed my mind. This post is a tribute to my Veteran relations.

I am a warrior – descended from generations of warriors. My brother Carl recently retired from a career in the Navy and my brother AB will retire from the Air Force in a couple of years. My step-father, Alfred Bruce Shepard (6 August 1939-23 January 1988) was a Vietnam-era Air Force veteran, although he never served in Vietnam. His father, Peter Shepard (14 August 1910-16 February 1967) served in both World War II and Korea.

My maternal grandfather, Leonard Homer Hazzard (26 June 1916-11 April 1998) and my paternal grandfather, Walter Andrew Bostic (30 September 1919-27 December 1999) both served in the armed forces during World War II. Several great-uncles and cousins also served during WWII.

Albert, Frank, and Fred Toney – November 1943

WWII Enlistment Record of Leonard Hazzard

Undated photo of Walter Bostic in uniform

As far as I know, my relations did not serve in WWI but plenty – from Vermont to Connecticut – served in the Civil War. I have two Revolutionary War ancestors, Mingo Pollock, a free black man from Thompson,CT and Thomas Pegan, a Nipmuc from Dudley, MA and Killingly, CT.

I am certain that many relations fought in Metacom’s Rebellion in 1675 (also known as King Philip’s War) and I take special pride in believing that my ancestors burned down the English settlement in Worcester, MA, not once but twice.

Thanks for reading. Next time we’ll explore my brick wall, Molly Pegan.

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