57th Annual Hassanamesit Indian Fair

The Fair (or Powwow as some call it) was held on the last Sunday of July on the reservation.  Our Fair tends to be small and casual, no paid Head Dancers, no prize money for best dancers – just family, friends, and some tourists.

Here are some pictures taken at the Fair by Nia Holley:




2 thoughts on “57th Annual Hassanamesit Indian Fair

  1. Dear Cheryll – I am Children’s Librarian here in Grafton at the Public Library. This summer our reading program is encompassing each of the 7 continents. Is there a chance we could have a member of the nation visit in June (for North America) and speak about the tribal customs? (dances, dress regalia, songs/music?)

  2. Hi Amanda, We should be able to work something out. I see you have left a message on the tribal website as well. Someone will give you a call.


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