Gotta Begin Sometime

I started this blog on the Hassanamisco Museum website to promote the Museum, Nipmuc Indian history and Nipmuc genealogy. But I haven’t done a thing. So in this so-called new year (for Natives hereabout, the new year doesn’t start until Spring), I will do better to promote the Museum anyway I can, to write grants til I cant write anymore, and to focus on ways to honor my ancestors by preserving their culture.

Take note of this picture


My grandsons – the future of the Nipmuc people. They attend powwows and ceremonies, wear regalia, and accompany their ”Grama Cheryll” everywhere she goes. They will grow up knowing what I know about our people. But their cousins, whose parents don’t attend events regularly, don’t have that same advantage. How can we fix this? The fewer of us who know and practice and keep traditions going, the more likely it will be that our culture will disappear. The feds already think we don’t exist (although they forgot to tell my grandparents that). Lets not legitimize what the feds think (or were paid to decide – but that’s another blog). Let us as Nipmuc people honor our ancestors, ourselves, and the next seven generations by working together for our future.

See ya and AQUENE !

2 thoughts on “Gotta Begin Sometime

  1. I hear ya, Cheryll. All of us need to keep our culture alive and breathing –or it ends with us. My girls know more than many of their cousins as well, but they love to share what they know whether you ask them or not. lol If you don’t know where you come from, find out! There’s plenty of ways to learn about and experience your Nipmucness. Let’s all commit to honoring our ancestors as best as we know how. Aquene all.

  2. Kin to Rachel Steemer relative to my husband whose great grandpa George Steemer hit me up on Facebook under Libby Grace! Great history Cheryll!

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