Syrups & Elixirs & Tonics, part 1

Syrups, elixirs, and tonics are my favorite herbal preparations to make and gift. I also keep a few on hand for myself. This is how I define these three concoctions. Syrup – Made with herbs, water, and sugar (or honey) Elixir – Made with herbs, honey (or maple syrup), and alcohol Tonic – Made with herbs, honey, and vinegar. Making a Syrup There are endless … Continue reading Syrups & Elixirs & Tonics, part 1

Fishkill, NY Trip – The Storm Slave Cemetery

The beginnings of the known story about my 5th great-grandparents originates in Fishkill, NY. Fishkill is a town in the mid-Hudson River part of New York state. The records we have show that Primus and Parmelia Storms traveled to Vermont with Parmelia’s enslaver, Platt Rogers. Platt – with the help of Primus – founded the town of Basin Harbor, Vermont. But we don’t know much … Continue reading Fishkill, NY Trip – The Storm Slave Cemetery

Fall Foraging

I visited the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary a few times this past fall. Norcross exists on traditional Nipmuc homelands and, as a Nipmuc woman, I possess the ancient right to forage there. Our women’s group also visited one day to gather cranberries and cedar. During my visits, I gathered medicinal plants to be added to teas and salves. I also gathered cedar for ceremonial use. I … Continue reading Fall Foraging

Check out my Omeka Site!!

I’ve had this site for some years but never promoted it. Omeka is a free, open-source platform that allows you to display collections as well as stories that explain the collections. I use it in the opposite manner – I tell stories and add documents or videos to support the stories. If you visit ‘We Never Left’, you can download the photos and documents that … Continue reading Check out my Omeka Site!!

Black Dolls

The Worcester Black History Project recently sponsored “Black Dolls Matter: Representation and Resistance,” an exhibit and workshop series that focused on the history and the importance of Black dolls in society. The exhibition was installed at the Jean McDonough Arts Center in downtown Worcester, MA, for two weeks in early February 2023. The exhibitors, the National Black Doll Museum of History & Culture, has more … Continue reading Black Dolls