On September 6, 2011, the National Register of Historic Places added the Hassanamisco Reservation to its list of national treasures. Known as Hassanamesit, the under 4 acre reservation serves as the cultural and spiritual center of the Nipmuc Nation, a state-recognized tribe in Massachusetts. Located on the reservation is the Cisco Homestead, which for two centuries served as home to Nipmuc tribal leaders and now … Continue reading Hassanamesit

List of Scheduled Events in Nipmuc Country, 2012-2013

May 5th Planting Moon/New Year Ceremony, Hassanamesit, 1 pm to 4 pm May 5th & 6th Nipmuc Spiritual Gathering, Hassanamesit, 4 pm to 4pm June 16th Strawberry Moon, Hassanamesit, 1 pm to 4 pm, Quarterly Tribal Meeting at noon July 29th Hassanamisco Indian Fair, Hassanamesit, 10 am to 4 pm Sept 16th Nipmuc Nation Annual Meeting/Election, Hassanamesit, Noon to 4 pm Nov 24 & 25 … Continue reading List of Scheduled Events in Nipmuc Country, 2012-2013

Working Together in Nipmuc Country in 2011

Before I start this post, let me say straight out. There is no nefarious plot to combine the bands, change the spelling of Nipmuc Nation, or overthrow the current administration. OK? That being said, we accomplished alot in the working together column. In April, the Natick Nipmuc Band presented at the Nipmuc Nation tribal office “‎2010 Deer Island Memorial Sacred Run & Paddle: Nipmuc Perspectives … Continue reading Working Together in Nipmuc Country in 2011

Writing & Genealogy

As the calendar refreshes, I’m going to take advantage of the newness and set some goals for the coming calendar year. Some are personal and perennial, like losing weight, taking better care of myself, and fixing different parts of my house and yard. Stuff like that.  Writing is also personal to me. Before nursing, I made my living in corporate communications but always loved fiction.  … Continue reading Writing & Genealogy