Tombstone Tuesday – Indian Burying Ground, Grafton, MA

This graveyard contains the remains of the “Praying Indians” of the Hassanamesit Praying Plantation established by English missionary John Eliot in 1664. In an attempt to civilize the Native population, plantations or towns were created in Nipmuc territory where Nipmucs could live in frame houses, attend church, and otherwise emulate the English surrounding them. In the mid-1800s, the road pictured above was created bisecting the … Continue reading Tombstone Tuesday – Indian Burying Ground, Grafton, MA

Autumnal Equinox

My last post on Facebook wished my friends a “Happy, happy Equinox”. One friend’s comment asked “What does that mean?” It’s now a few days past the equinox but here goes…. Very simply put, an equinox occurs when the center of the sun appears directly above the Earth’s equator. This happens twice yearly, in March and September. Some say that during an equinox the length … Continue reading Autumnal Equinox

2010 Deer Island Memorial

Information courtesy of Pam Ellis, Natick Nipmuc Tribal Council 2010 Deer Island Memorial Friday, October 29, 2010 & Saturday, October 30,  2010 October 30, 1675 marked the forced removal of American Indians from what is now South Natick to Deer Island in Boston Harbor, roughly two months after  the outbreak of what the English called “King Philip’s War. “ Without  adequate food, clothing, shelter or … Continue reading 2010 Deer Island Memorial